Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outfits Overload X

Hello! Can't believe that my last post was 2 weeks ago, which was 2 decades in my life. The reason for the lag is because I'm just buckling down for my prelim next week and also, because I had this idea to do a youtube video which took a lot of my time, down from the video-taking to the editing. 

And I am far from satisfied with the end results, hahaha! I think I am my own loyal critics, I scrutinise everything I do all the time, sometimes it does good but most of the time, it's just a plain wet blanket. But anyhow, here's the video!

I'm going to leave you with a total youtuber line; Like, Comment and Suscribe if you'd like to see more of these videos! Lawls, seriously though what do you girls think, should I make more? Leave a comment anywhere between here and my instagram , and let me know please!

Because I'm out of this world unsatisfied , and I was really pissed at myself because I spent all those time and effort, and I was running out of my sponsors' patience ( if you're reading these, I'm terribly sorry I took such a long time ): ), I decided to just take an impromptu shots.

And I genuinely believe that I work best under pressure !! Haha, here are the photos plus outfit details ( and discount codes 'course )

 photo photo-3_zpsff23c353.jpg

{ Lace Pullover courtesy of Little Rain Drop, Floral Shorts courtesy of Welovefleamarkets, Necklace courtesy of Miss Gritty, Shades courtesy of Skinstruck }

Head over heels over this pullover, it has the most intricate designs! I know you couldn't tell from this, and that's what the video is for! ( wink wink nudge nudge ) It gets extremely hot here in Singapore, and I know the long sleeve will put off some of you but I vouch that you practically feel like you're wearing nothing. It's a little oversized so it lets some air to breeze through, and need I convince you to love lace? It is one of my favourite fabric next to velvet! 

You girls have to check out Little Rain Drops though, almost everything is below $20 and some goes as low as $13 ! I am in love with all of their pullovers, Honestly thinking of purchasing one for myself!

Some of the items that I love :
 photo ButterflySweater1_zpsb5f60cc2.jpg

 photo rainbowknit2_zps3c594858.jpg

 photo lasercuttop2_zps93c95404.jpg

Little Rain Drop
Instagram : @shoplrd
Discount Code : Quote ' Pita' for $1 off your purchases

Instagram : @welovefleamarkets

 photo photo2-5_zpsc520f622.jpg

{ Cutout Zipper Dress courtesy of Ashincans, Necklace courtesy of Miss Gritty, Vintage boots }

I hope maroon is here to stay for 2014 because I am so in love with it! Something subtle about it, sitting pretty somewhere in the middle between bright and dark colours. Details of the cutout could be seen in the video, and of course a little twirling.  

Some of the items I love from Ashincans :

 photo 28-1-680x1000_zps38680112.jpg

 photo 26-2-680x1000_zps3ad0bbb6.jpg

 photo photo-57-680x1000_zps7d7f3442.jpg

Instagram : @ashincans
Discount Codes : Quote Pita for 5% off your purchases

 photo photo3-4_zps2e0c1226.jpg

{ Bejewelled Tank courtesy of Ellysage, Cardigan from Bangkok, Hat F21, Heels New Look }

Honestly, I was not catching up the cut-in tops bandwagon , it makes my arms bigger than they already are. But boy was this top by Ellysage proved me wrong ! I especially am in love with the bejewelled neckline, making this top needing minimal dressing because it already shines on its own. 

Don't judge me on the dreamcatcher, it was there and I was 5 seconds down to the timer going off, it was a judgement call!

Some of the items I love from Ellysage : 

 photo cnytextureddressVneckyellow1_zpscac1b45f.jpg

 photo studdedXbandageskirtblack1_zpsa9e6b2ad.jpg

 photo velvetyhenleyteeroseprintblack1_zps1b9e47a5.jpg
Instagram : @Ellysage

 photo photo-4_zpsd70c1cbd.jpg

{ Leather Maroon Top courtesy of Ashincans, Vintage Velvet Skirt, F21 Hat }

Didn't think I would be able to pull of the top, but I think it's too stupid awesome, you can't not pull it off well. Dress it up with highwaisted shorts and you'll still look bitching hot! I love when one apparel has mixes of different fabric, this leather and mesh has got to be my new favourite fabric mix!

Instagram : @ashincans
Discount Codes : Quote Pita for 5% off your purchases

So that's it! I know the photos are a little bit below the par, but I hope the video would complement this post. Let me know what you girls think, if not here over at my ig ! I'm back to books now, see you girls here next week! I'll be blogging about my visit to Space Invasion, and of course spanking new outfits!

Have an awesome week kitties


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