Friday, February 7, 2014

Tippy Tapp with SCHULICIOUS

When I was approached by Schulicious a few weeks back, I was quite hesistant. The reason being that, I have a stack of unworn shoes which I got online that either sizes do not fit right, or they're all spoilt within first two weeks of wearing them. 

All that out of the window when I was browsing through the vast selection of many cute pair of shoes though! What can I say, I have a little Carrie Bradshaw in me ;) 

 photo photo41_zpse98ef7fe.jpg

I am totally smitten by this pair and was really crossing my finger they'll fit me well. Boy was I pleased ! Not only it's the perfect fit, it is extremely comfortable what's with the built-in cushion ! The best thing though, the lovely girls at Schulicious named this pair of flats after me, and I'm just truly humbled xx 

So, without further ado, here are some outfits I styled my pita flats with ! 

p/s : look out for the discount code, all the way down ;)

 photo photo34_zpsa19feee8.jpg

 photo photo24_zpsca9f4254.jpg

 photo photo15_zps507ac13b.jpg

{ Cardigan from Ashincans, White bustier from Dirty Blings, Lilac Cutout Skirt courtesy of Ellysage }

Knowing my soft spot for pastel, just had to pair the flats with the lilac skirt Ellysage sent me a while back. Ellysage truly has the prettiest items! I mean who remembers this top? 

 photo IMG_9771_zps54080c09.jpg

By the by,
Ellysage is having a massive sale where a chunk of their lovely apparels are going at only $9.90 !! So hurry hurry, before they're all sold out x

I love how both the colors of the flats and my skirt actually complement each other. I think the pair of flats actually give the outfit the demure, sophisticated stamp.Totally can't wait to match this pair of flats with other colors !

 photo photo13_zps9f82da85.jpg

 photo photo32_zpsb63f0dec.jpg

 photo photo22_zpsfe13c9ea.jpg

{ polkadot bralet courtesy of Shop Societe , Vintage Polkadot Skirt, Boy phone casing courtesy of Mondaynoblues }

So in love with the current trend of midi skirts! It's so apt to take it out to play with some sunshine when this pair of flats came along, and I just had to try to pair them with a vomit of polkadot. Genuinely feel that the pair of flats ( even all the way down ) actually kicks in an edge to , an otherwise black and white classic outfit.  

 photo photo35_zpsb0397ea7.jpg

 photo photo16_zpsdf401765.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsea206c71.jpg
 photo photo4_zps79466160.jpg
 photo photo25_zpsabad0c1d.jpg

{ Vintage Collar top, Vintage Mustar Pullover, Floral Shorts courtesy of WLFM , Vintage Doctor bag } 

I love anything vintage, 60% of this outfit are all bought from a thrift shop. And I think, both the pair of flats and shorts would be believable vintage items. For all you vintage lovers, you just cannot miss this pair of flats ! 

You likey my new flowers ? Hehe damn Valentine's day though, hiking up the prices of the flowers. Could you believe the stalk of rose cost me $10. Oh gosh, how pretty is that phoenix thoh! 

 photo photo14_zps9b2c3635.jpg

 photo photo33_zps77ca918a.jpg

 photo photo3_zpsadded6ed.jpg

 photo photo23_zps0caef304.jpg

{ WAR plaids set , Vintage Bag , Boy phone casing courtesy of Mondaynoblues

I'm on the fence about this outfit, because it was actually a last minute decision. What do you think though ? Anyway, Good news for you girlies, Mondaynoblues is having 15% discount for this boy iphone casing ( plus you can get free normal mail by quoting " SxnoonlushXMNB " ). 

All in all, I just cannot stop gushing over the pair of flats because they're the prettiest and comfiest pair of flats I have ever own ( and it's named after me ! ). I hope you girls would love this post as much as I do because I truly put an extra effort on the post :)

You can visit Schulicious at :

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Discount code : Quote "pita2off" for $2 off your purchases, valid from 7th Feb -12th Feb

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CQ said...

I simply loved how you styled those flats! Especially with the polka dot bustier and midi, I seriously thought its an entire vintage dress. Always loving your style since the beginnning dear girl! Love your posts!