Saturday, February 1, 2014

Floral Lookbook

One of the trends that I truly love is floral trend. I love flowers! I keep two bottles of coronas as my vases on my study table, and I always try to replenish them with fresh flowers every fortnight. So I thought why not share with you girls how I would wear floral . 

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{ Offshoulder top courtesy of Ellysage , Floral Shorts courtesy of WLFM , Shades courtesy of Skinstruck , Flower Crown from Bangkok }

I'm a die-hard fan of off-shoulders, and pretty sure I'm not the only one! Which crowns this top from Ellysage, the best thing that ever happens to me. I especially am fond of the cutout details, which gives a bohemian touch. I paired it with this God-sent ( kidding, it's from the lovely people at WLFM ) floral chiffon shorts. Cannot stop gushing over the colors of the flowers which are an utter complete perfection of pastel. I would label it must-have for your spring essentials !


Instagram : @welovefleamarkets

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 photo IMG_9797_zps0ac5fa2e.jpg

 photo IMG_9801_zps1a3da346.jpg 

{ Bomber Jacket from Zara, Lace Tube from TheScarletroom , Mesh Skorts courtesy of Cupsofdaisies , Boy Casing in Martin courtesy of Mondaynoblues , Maryjanes Platforms from Aldo }

If you know me , you could easily derive I'm not the girliest woman out there and that's why I love how versatile floral trend is ! Hold on though! How perfect is my skorts for this outfit ! ( totally freaking out, ergo the many, consecutive exclamation marks) The added touch of mesh gives an illustration of tutu skirts, which is nothing but girly, without taking away the raw edge from the piece. Totally at the edge of my seat, thinking of future outfits I'll be pairing this skorts with. 

C-c-checkout my new rad casing from Mondaynoblues . I just have to hop on the train of this trend and picked this color because I think maroon is the new black, only it adds more edge to an all-black outfit! Couldn't thank the lovely people over at Mondaynoblues enough for sending me this piece xx

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Instagram : @Mondaynoblues
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 photo IMG_9789_zps00581850.jpg

{ Floral kimono from Shoptheuniverse , Lace Dress courtesy of Veeapparels , Brown Flats courtesy of Schulicious , Boy casing courtesy of Mondaynoblues }

Genuinely worship whoever came up with Floral Kimono, I mean, had it been created in the era of Mary Poppins, I think she would be parading all over town with it ! Talk about how this boy casing blends well with any outfit I put it in, and it is extremely convenient. Guilty as charged, I'm one of those who cannot live without their iphones so this saves me all the hassle of digging in to my bag for my phone. 

Shying away from wearing wedges for this outfit, just had to try pairing it with this pair of lovely flats from Schulicious . I think I did fairly well? but if you think otherwise, hold on to your horses because I'll be doing a blog post solely dedicated on how I'd pair this pair of flats ( spoiler alerts ). 

Remember to quote the discount codes for both Schulicious & Mondaynoblues to save you some moolahs ;) 


Instagram : @Mondaynoblues
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 photo IMG_9812_zpsba0258e3.jpg

{ Daisy dress courtesy of Clothesandsex , Shades courtesy of Skinstruck , Boy phone casing courtesy of Mondaynoblues }

I'm an all-casual girl, I have classes daily and 90% of the time I just show up without makeup and in my uniform of shorts and shirts. Like who has the time to be all dressy dressy when comfort is anything but crucial ( Don't shoot me though, I been lazy and careless all my life ! ) Therefore if you asked me, this outfit has got to be my favourite!

 It's casual but the thigh-highs take away all the laziness in it . And are you convinced in purchasing you own boy casing already ? The casing actually gives the outfit a little oomph , without it, the colors of the whole outfit would be muted and boring.

Instagram : @Mondaynoblues
Discount Code : Quote " Sxnoonlush x MNB " for free normal postage

If you've been following my instagram ( @sxnoonlush ), you would notice that I'm obsessed with nail arts! So I couldn't pass to doing floral nail arts :) Here's a virgin attempt to simple floral nail arts for beginners like me :  

 photo IMG_9724_zpsdaf5c252.jpg

I was looking for something jade blue for the base but couldn't find any, so I thought this color would make do since it still has that vintage-ish feeling. 

 photo IMG_9725_zps97b053eb.jpg

Draw some blotches for the base of your roses, they need not be perfectly rounded or in place, just wherever and whatever you feel right!

 photo IMG_9726_zpsca41d643.jpg

Use a darker shade, i used pink, to outline the blotches. I used toothpicks to outline them because I don't have a steady finger and my brush isn't very defined. Again, they don't need to be fully or perfectly outlined. 

 photo IMG_9727_zps93a5c9a8.jpg

Use the same color as your outline, to draw some lines inside to illustrate petals of roses. I changed my toothpick every two roses to ensure that I'm using a sharp end so the lines wouldn't be very wide. As you can see, I don't have a pattern in drawing the lines, too. Again, just whatever feels right!

 photo IMG_9729_zps9e7d08ff.jpg

Lastly, draw a pair of small triangles at the sides of each rose

 photo IMG_9733_zps36093219.jpg

and ta-da ! It's not the best one but it's a simple and fast one which you can do in less than 30 minutes! 

I am eternally grateful for all my sponsors who have made this post possible, and most importantly you! ( if you've reached this far, thank you bearly much ) I hope everyone enjoyed this post as much as I did making it, and comment below which outfit you like better! 1,2,3,4 ? and what would you like to see for my next post !

Love you guys, and see you soon xx


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Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Are you willing to sell the daisy dress?