Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transformation Thursday with Pro Trim Hair Salon

If you've been following me for quite some time now, I'm sure deep down you're saying, " God somebody save this poor girl's hair already! " Each time I meet my friends, they'd be stroking my hair hinting something like " maybe you should cut it short, you know, if you're up for a change "... Okay everyone, enough about my hair! It's saved, and revived!! All thanks to Pro Trim Hair Salon x

Long story short, I was invited by Pro Trim Hair Salon to visit their outlet at 313 Somerset! On my first trip, I met Tino who took a few pictures of my hair and said that he would consult with his team on what would be best for my hair! I came back again the week after, to sit down and start the transformation (chuckles)

 photo IMG_5960_zpsa9d0bafa.jpg  photo IMG_5966_zps8b289b21.jpg

This was the morning before my appointment. Just you know, something to remember my old hair by. It didn't look all that bad here, but in real life it was like ... the grasses during the draught season a few weeks back! 

 photo IMG_5974_zps9525015f.jpg

Upon reaching the salon,I was quickly ushered to my seat! Tino showed me the photo of the colour he had in mind, to which I quickly agreed. This was when I was waiting for Celine, the 'colouring expert' as I called her, hahaha you'll see why!

 photo IMG_5977_zps8c5850d0.jpg

Getting my hair bleached. If you're wondering why do I have so many layers of foils, it was because every selection only consisted of fine strands of my hair. Imagine the work Celine was going through, by the time she finished the last selection, it wasn't long till we had to open the first few foils. 

 photo IMG_5982_zps4e795f46.jpg

Okay at this point, I was quite freaked out! hahahha I was like "you serious bro, I look like a poodle" hahhaha Celine quickly reassured me that it's not done yet! 

 photo IMG_5986_zps65884a54.jpg

Considering how bad of a state my hair was in, Celine recommended this Mucota 5-step treatment. It was a really thorough process, celine had to inject the pink solution to fine selections of my hair before the treatment can sink in. 

 photo IMG_5988_zps5b478b14.jpg

 photo IMG_5989_zps3ce4fc83.jpg

 photo IMG_5996_zps725df636.jpg

Ta -da ! My hair actually has three colours of blue, and they were very understanding in me not wanting something too in-your-face as of now, so I could actually cover the blue with my brown hair if I wished. I personally love it! It's something different to embrace ! What do you think ? :)

 photo photo6_zps7bbe2321.jpg

Here's a quick photo of me and Celine and Tino! Pardon my tired face, I really am not a fan of long hours of sitting still, could barely get through 30 minutes bus journey on most days 

To leave you girls with something of an impact :

 photo 10157246_635162486553692_1427551896376384415_n_zps0b95bb44.jpg  photo 1978879_635162663220341_7710154058293081504_n_zps73ac4a87.jpg

Before and after! Madness Magic xx

Pro Trim Hair Salon has 5 branches all over singapore, check them out over at 

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