Saturday, May 24, 2014

7-Steps Easy No-bake Tiramisu

Hello girls! If you read my dayre, you probably had seen this post coming, hahaha. Me and my friend got together somewhen last week and, heavily influenced by masterchef, decided to make " pick me up " or Tiramisu. Since it was relatively easy, and turned out so yummy, I thought why not share it with you girls :)

Since I had a little help this time around, I managed to capture more visuals of the step-by-step ;

First off, ingredients :

1. 4 egg yolks
2. sugar and salt
3. Mascapone cheese
4. Espresso
5. Rum
6. Lady finger
7. Cocoa Powder

If you're like me, some of the ingredients like mascapone and rum, might put you off. But I assure you that you can get them easily off the shelves

 photo IMG_7323copy_zps3bcda790.jpg

This is the mascapone cheese that I used, it was for around 8bucks, and I used more or less half of them!

 photo IMG_7353copy_zpseac97a41.jpg

The small bottle of rum was for a mere 4 bucks, and I asked the shopkeeper for her recommendation. There were a few selections, and this was the middle best! 

With introduction out of the way, let's start!

 photo IMG_7325copy_zpsfe8ff516.jpg

Beat the egg yolks

 photo IMG_7334_zps3c97ae58.jpg

Mix in some sugar and salt

 photo IMG_7340_zpsc3bc416e.jpg

Throw in the mascapone cheese

 photo IMG_7341_zps098dc1c1.jpg

Beat them all, and let rest. I popped them in to the fridge as it was unexceptionally hot that day, and logically I didn't want them to melt. hahaha, not sure if that's the right thing to do. 

While that rests, you can start preparing your base

 photo IMG_7356copy_zps25c7f54a.jpg

Dip in lady finger into a mixture of rum and expresso. You don't want to submerge it for too long, it was just a quick flip for me as they get soggy easily and quickly. 

 photo IMG_7366copy_zpsf3411f5a.jpg

Pour in the custard mixture, and i popped them in to the fridge a while more. 

 photo IMG_7373copy_zps50575871.jpg

Cover with cocoa powder generously

 photo IMG_7532copy_zpsd50325cf.jpg

and voila! you get yourself a plate of yummy tiramisu!


Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where you got your cheese and rum from? (:

PITA said...

Hi there! I don't know how to reply to ur comment so u'll be notified but hope u come back to check the reply! hahahha

I got it at bakery shop near my house called Phoonhuat, but NTUC has the cheese too :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have the quantity of the ingredients? :-) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello pita, willing to share the pict of the ingredient you use next time? And the amount/quantity to pour it etc! :(