Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cafe-Hopping around Tiong Bahru

Thank you girls for the warm response for yesterday's post! I hope some of you truly did try to make tiramisu, because it's really easy and yummy xx

Anyway, as the title suggests, today's post would be about Cafe Hopping! I've always loved cafe hopping, and I'm sure some of you share the same sentiment. So I thought, why not try to document how my cafe-hopping usually goes. This time I went to Tiong Bahru, I've went to both bugis and Jalan Besar area where most of cafes are accumulated in, so Tiong is really long overdue!

I reached Yiong Siak Street at 2 PM, and it was Tuesday when I went. Some of the cafes are closed on Tuesdays, so just a heads-up when you're planning your cafe-hopping, make sure that they'll be open.

First up, 40 Hands

 photo IMG_7543_zpsc3454993.jpg

We were seated on the first level, if you decide to drop by, do check out the second level!

 photo IMG_7545_zps65a582ac.jpg

I ordered a normal iced latte, the small bottle of sugar syrup is really peculiarly cute I feel. They actually have bigger medicine-like brown bottles for your ice water lined up on the counter, which contributed to the interior and design of the cafe.

 photo IMG_7544_zps6787a223.jpg

40 hand is well-known for their coffees above anything else, so you have to order a cuppa' !

 photo IMG_7562_zpsa1482899.jpg

Share Big Boy Breakfast with my friend, everything is so yummy and I personally love the Turkish Bread but I don't really care for their sausages. It's a little bit pricey, and as I mentioned, 40 hands is well-known for their coffee anyway!

We stayed for an hour, before making our way out!
Didn't really know where to go next, so we kind of just walked straight down before tumbling into
Books Actually 

 photo IMG_7627_zpsdd851c4c.jpg

It might be my new favourite bookstore, sadly they didn't have the particular book of Bukowski I was looking for. But, all in all, gorgeous place! and just a heads up, they have live cats wandering around freely, so if you're scared of cats, just keep a lookout!

There's a small door near the counter leading up to this section of vintage knick knacks!

 photo IMG_7626_zps724956d7.jpg

 photo IMG_7625_zps5e32cc96.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zps88621b76.jpg

If you've always wondered how Singapore was like tens of years ago, do drop a visit to the back store, because they are so mesmerising!

We stayed for a while, flipping through books before heading on out for our next cafe.

Just a little down the road, you can find Plain Vanilla Bakery 

 photo IMG_7638_zpse8eabbdf.jpg

 photo IMG_7637_zpse7d730d7.jpg

 photo IMG_7631_zpsefe4e851.jpg

 photo IMG_7633_zpsb695da5a.jpg

 photo IMG_7636_zpsc307ffe0.jpg

Plain Vanilla is really spacious, which comes rare with cafes here. So it's a nice place to just chill over a conversation and their delicious cupcakes.

By the time that we were finished with out cupcakes and silly conversation, it was already around 6 pm. So we decided to just head down to Tiong Bahru Bakery

 photo IMG_7653_zps586a0418.jpg

 photo IMG_7654_zps4e187148.jpg

 photo IMG_7641_zps6700d5a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7643_zpsfe807535.jpg

 photo IMG_7648_zps67213157.jpg

 photo IMG_7652_zpsca1e63ef.jpg

 photo IMG_7650_zps1f40cd4b.jpg

This is not my first time heading to Tiong Bahru Bakery, but it certainly has been a while and this was such a great reminder. I just have no bad words to tell you, what can I say! They are the perfect balance of sweetness and the crunch croissant just blew my mind. Since we have way too much coffee, I decided to just have some fruit juice which was very refreshing. We stayed around for around 3 hours before heading back home.

So, there you go! I usually go to more places when I can, but it's been months since the last time I saw my friend so we had a lot to catch up on. If you asked me, if there's any tips in doing cafe hopping; Sharing is caring. Both in sharing a great conversation and experience, as well as the food.

Before I sign off, here's a quick ootd for yer!

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 photo IMG_7575_zpsfdf6c398.jpg

 photo IMG_7609_zpscb04bcd2.jpg

 photo IMG_7613_zps2a4f808c.jpg

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