Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's cookies and milk Upgraded

Caramel Tea Iced Cube with Milk

 photo IMG_0326_zps7e30c0bd.jpg

 photo IMG_0328_zps91ebbf81.jpg

If you would like your tea sweet, remember to put in sugar

 photo IMG_0330_zps726f9fc3.jpg

 photo IMG_0339_zps48e891e9.jpg

 photo IMG_0343_zpsacce7b1d.jpg

Nutella-filled Sandwich Cookie

 photo IMG_0332_zps35698ad6.jpg

 photo IMG_0333_zps22662319.jpg

 photo IMG_0337_zps51ce4b6f.jpg

 photo IMG_0338_zpsb283fe6c.jpg

 photo IMG_0367_zps65a36e21.jpg

I think all of the photos are pretty explanatory but if you have any questions, you can leave a comment or email me at poyopoy@gmail.com. 

We all know cookies and milk are the perfect pair, but why settle for perfect when you could go for above and beyond ! I actually had these while watching a marathon of chick flicks and boy did i not have such a great day. It was a lazy day and all I wanted was something sweet and fresh, and just something comforting. And these hit the ball out the park. Let me know if you girls actually tried them ! :)

Also, I'll be a doing a vlog of " 23 Facts about me ", if you have any burning questions about me , you can send them in to ask.fm/sxnoonlush, and I'll try to pick some. 

Have a great day ahead folks xx

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