Wednesday, July 9, 2014


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{ Skirt - Missypixie , Bralet - Ellysage , Jacket - Cotton On, Platforms - Aldo }

I've been living in Singapore for close to 10 years now, that's practically half of my life (p/s before you do your math, I'm not 20 y/o ) and have probably crossed this bridge more than my both hands could count. However, I have only gained new admiration for it recently. 

The bridge stays the same as it has been all these while, but I've changed. I know it does not count when the judgement comes from yourself, but bias aside, I truly have. Maybe it's my recent trip to China that gave me a pair of new admiring eyes for Singapore, maybe it's because I am so sick and tired of being locked up within my own cage. Rejecting everything God wants me to see, sitting comfortably within my own rationale which is only as big as I allow them to be. And what do I know? How could I be so unbelievably arrogant all these years, that I could not accept the possibility that maybe... I am just so ignorant. 

I been happy for a while now. I've made peace with the world. I know it all sounds very bohemian, very idealistic. But today, where every thing is so fast-paced, so materialistic , I think we all need to remember who we are and our place in this world. I believe if you've found that inner peace, wherever you go, you would be A-OK :)

Thank you Kelly from missypixie for sending me this gorgeous emerald midi skirt, and restoring my faith in midis! I truly almost strike across the idea of me and midis on the same plate, but hey, like I said, let the universe takes its' toll on you, and you'll be surprised what your life could be xx 

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