Wednesday, July 16, 2014


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Hello girls, I am not doing all too well today. Actually I think I have not been feeling well for a long time, but I always put them off. Distracting myself with good sitcoms. Now that, I officially run out of things to do, I am finally having a dinner with just me, and the elephant in the room.

I've seen photos of my friends graduating circulating on Facebook, they graduated with first class honours no less. And I can't help to think, could I even graduate this year? I hate it when my smart friends come to me and say that they worry for their results, like come back down to earth won't you, you know you will do well, are you so arrogant you need people to tell it to you too?

On top of that, I have zero response for my job applications. I know these things take a while, but it was so much easier in my head. You know I did the math, there are thousands of companies in Singapore, I ought to hook at least one don't you think?

I wish the world is just black and white, you know. You apply for a job, you will get one. You study hard for a test, you will ace it. But the world is a cunning little princess that wants you to do all your might to please her. No you are not guaranteed to ace a test even if you studied really hard, and no you resume is not guaranteed to land on the HR's desk.

I was weeping on my bed, and I realised I just turned to the kind of people that I hate. The kind that demands the world to give what they want, and when they don't get it, they will blame whoever they can.

So I made a list of things that could keep me positive, and going on. Here are some ;

Make lists of things you should/could do.
Carry a notebook everywhere for your grand ideas, doodles or whatever.
Try free writing - so lucky I could get the opportunity to, will reveal soon!
Get away from the computer, go cafe hopping, try weird food
Be otherworldly // Quit beating yourself up // Take breaks
Sing in the shower // Drink coffee
Know your roots, and where are you heading in life
Listen to new music // Be open
Surround yourself with creative people
Get feedback // Collaborate // Don't give up
Practice, practice and fucking don't stop practicing
Allow yourself to fail
Go somewhere new
Watch foreign films
Count your blessings
Take risks // Break the rules
Do more of what makes you happy // But, dont force it
Read a book, or a dictionary
Create a framework
Stop trying to be someone else's perfect
Have Fun
Finish something.

If you're in the exact position as I am, hey cheer up, as I said the world is not black and white. Enjoy all the colours the world offers, not all of them are bleak. Go out, get out, go make things you could only dream of, happen! if you need anyone to talk to, I'm always over at :)

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