Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4 Hair-Updo for the Shorties

I would like to think that I'm a low-maintenance ( not lazy ) girl, that means I will wear my hair the same way every day. You know the routine; dry hair, comb and done! In the first place, with the short hair that I have, there are limited options with how I can style them. I mean I'm a normal jane doe, so I know nuts! 

So I decided to document me trying all the options I can lay my hands on, you're welcome shoulder-length hair sisters! 

There are a lot of tutorials on the net, but most of them are over my head, so I could only managed with these 4 up-dos, that you can wear for both casual and formal. Aye, that's all you need!

Casual hangout 

 photo IMG_1436copy_zpsf58a786e.jpg

This updo is how I usually wear my hair when I'm just going out the door for a cup of coffee with my girlfriends. Very effortless, yet not too bum-my. 

Tutorial credits to The Small Things Blog

Casual Date

 photo IMG_1397copy_zps5f8fdb58.jpg

Perfect do for a casual date where you're just going to the movies or for some drinks. It says, I'm trying to look good but not too hard, 'cos I'm fabulous ... K i watch too much pewdiepie

Tutorial Credit : The Small Things Blog

Semi-Formal Date

 photo IMG_1484copycopy_zps35bcd002.jpg

This is when you whipped up the big gun and sweeps him off his feet! Very romantic updo, and very easy to do , too.

p/s my hair is too short for the side braid so I just let it loose and curl it instead. 

Formal Event

 photo IMG_1367copy_zps811311d4.jpg

This updo actually is not as hard to do as it looks, good for those work events and stuffs where you want to look smart and classy!

So that's all! which one is your favourite, Casual Hangout, Casual Date, Semi-Casual Date or Formal event ? :)

And thank you everyone who read my previous post ( 6 things you should do in your teen years ), I'm glad many of you could relate/motivated by the post and it truly does mean a lot to me! Thank you again, sending all my love xx

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