Friday, August 29, 2014

August Haul - TEMT

A couple of weeks back, I chanced upon this new store, TEMT, over at 313 and I can safely say now that I am a die-hard fan of it! If you haven't already know it, you should totally check it out! The pieces are there are extremely affordable and they constantly stock up new arrivals. I guess there are no other words left to be said, I shall let these pictures do the justifying !

 photo IMG_2067copy_zps8e6b9e94.jpg

The first thing that I picked up was this gold cardigan for only $7 ! This drapey cardigan's era is probably reaching its' end now, but I genuinely believe that fashion is only a cycle. It's always a good idea to stock up on basics. 

 photo IMG_2097_zps8c9c8776.jpg

So of course, I have to get it in gray too!

 photo IMG_2108_zps84c1a623.jpg

On my 2nd visit, I found this asymmetrical striped dress that was going for only $14.90 ! Good for both casual, and office wear I'd like to believe.

 photo IMG_2117_zps5fc08f71.jpg

What do you think! Of course if I were to wear it for work, I'll have to pair it with blazer and proper black heels, but you get the drift!

 photo IMG_2172copy_zps42d86cfa.jpg

Honestly speaking, I think I look like a walking coachella ( read: carnival ), then again, I just have to try this pairing at least once! Bought the ' Free People' inspired dress for only $19.90 and, this fringe vest for $7. They are more of ' the type of clothes that you might want to wear in the near future because they are so freaking cheap '. 

 photo IMG_2198copy_zpsaa2d38ba.jpg

Lastly, I snagged this patterned skirt for merely $14.90 ! I know it's not my usual style on instagram, but are you honestly encouraging me to dress up like that when I go to work? Hahaha we all have to do what we have to do. Anyway, I think I look quite alright, pretty deceiving! hahaha

 photo IMG_2206copy_zpsfe779fd1.jpg

Here's another style that I would wear this skirt with, probably when I hit the town for some dinners/drinks!

So, that's all folks! All in all, I spent $70.90 for all these pieces and I just cannot wait to go back there again next month! Hahahaha, anyway this post is no way sponsored at all. It's just one of my favourite stores, and I encourage you girls to go there so they can stay around for a long long time! HAHAHAHA

My shoes, on the other hand, are kindly sponsored by the lovely people from Infinite Pixie,
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Till next time love!

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