Sunday, August 31, 2014

CarrisLabelle Lookbook

Truth. It's 3:03 AM now and I just finished editing all photos and videos ( w no music ). My back is breaking, my eyes are literally my frenemies but I think the results turn out pretty decent !

So, a couple of weeks back CarrisLabelle sent me a HUGE package and I am finally getting down to doing a post on them. I bet you'll fall in love with them as much as I did :)

 photo IMG_2265_zpsa02a3573.jpg

Both the cutout bralet and the slit pants were the first two things that caught my eyes, and they have been my life for the past few days! I really cannot get over basics with twists like these, 'nuff said !

 photo IMG_2270_zpsb449610e.jpg

 photo IMG_2267_zps33693fbb.jpg

Just of course, I had to get something off-shoulder hehe. My shoulder might not even be my best feature, but I just love the idea of something falling off my shoulder, plus it is in black :P 

 photo IMG_2278_zps6febbd94.jpg

 photo IMG_2281_zps5dfc7ea2.jpg

Whoops, are you having enough of black already? Of course you're not! I was pretty hesitant in picking this black dress as I thought it'll make me look fatter but it just hugs and falls on the right places, and my oh my, can we take a moment of silence for that webbed neckline?

 photo IMG_2286_zpsc7ef1251.jpg

Sparing you from enough black, here's something new, something blue and something white! If you didn't know, it is actually a one-piece and not two separate pieces of top and skirt, mindblown yet?

 photo IMG_2308_zps6a9a194e.jpg

 photo IMG_2244copy_zpsce6de917.jpg

One of the things that I love about CarrisLabelle is all of their clothes are padded! Sparing you from the need to wear insides, when the backs are bare like these. And yes, I think that star bag is extremely adorbs too ! 

I actually left out a couple of outfits to be blogged, but I am brain fried and my eyes at this moment are just lines, so I'll do a better job next time :D

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P/s Thank you for those who've watched my video and subscribed! Really mean a lot to me :)
p/p/s might just found my new photo-taking spot , y/n ?

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