Sunday, June 8, 2014

Missypixie Midi dress + One-minute cookie recipe !

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{ Dress c/o missypixie , Necklace courtesy of Xanna Reis , Hat from Young Hungry Free }

My first time trying midi dress, how do you think I fare ? I think I didn't do it any justice to be honest. Not sure if I could pull off the whole midi saga, which is really sad because they look really lovely on some girls... ah well, I guess some party you just cannot join! HAHAHA

Have to thank Kelly from missypixie for sending this my way however ! The material is of great quality I must say! I initially wanted to purchase this but she's so sweet to send it my way, and since I was about to purchase something from her anyway, I purchased another midi dress! HAHAHA! bringing it to hongkong yayyyyy ~

Pretty necklace courtesy of Xanna Reis ! xx

anyway, i've taken such a long time to edit these photos. I have zero patience and zero knowledge of photoshop, so I'm still doing trial and error on some photos. It took me one whole freaking day to do these 3 photos! hahaha noob alert ~

And as promised, one-minute cookie!! WHAT??! lol best believe!
Saw this at pinterest, and decided to try it out so this is my first time too!

 photo IMG_9413copy_zps1aa823b3.jpg

Melted butter

 photo IMG_9414copy_zps9653adf5.jpg

two teaspoons of sugar, and vanilla essence

 photo IMG_9415copy_zpsd73b696a.jpg

one egg yolk

 photo IMG_9416copy_zps111d4777.jpg

some flour! 
as always me got not measurements for this, I just started with a small amount of it and added as I go along, till it reaches a thicker texture

 photo IMG_9417copy_zps54421938.jpg

Not sure if this is thick enough, but didn't want to have it tasted floury so I stopped at this.
I mixed in some chocolate chips, and put some on top for appearance's sake!

 photo IMG_9428copy_zps5c858f37.jpg

Microwaved it 60 seconds! 
and ta-da !

My verdict is it's not bad for something that could be done in a minute, quite yummy actually ! Maybe you can pour in some milk, hahahha glutton level maximum!

That's all for today girls, thank you for checking in :)

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